Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sharapova, Meldonium, and our anti-doping responsibilities

In light of the recent doping revelations concerning Sharapova and meldonium, there’s no better time to remind athletes and their support staff of some key anti-doping rules and responsibilities in the fight for #cleansport.

Athletes are subject to ‘strict liability’ when it comes to the presence of banned substances in their samples. The athlete, and the athlete alone is responsible for what is found in their bodies. Take responsibility for what you take, and take all the necessary measures to ensure that you are not taking a banned substance.

Just because it’s not yet illegal doesn’t mean that it’s not immoral. We'll cover this point more in future blogs, but probably sums it up quite well (this in relation to Sharapova and Meldonium):

Just because it’s not on the banned list now doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the future.

Just because it’s available without prescription doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain banned substances.

Supplements can inadvertently contain banned substances. They are not subject to the same strict production controls as drugs and medications.

The anti-doping code, including the list of banned substances and methods, changes every 12 months. Changes come into effect on 1st January, but the updated list is generally available from September the previous year. Regularly check all the medication you take.

If you are taking medications or supplements, be sure to list them on your doping control form if/when you are tested.

If you need a medication for known medical condition, ensure that you have followed the correct TUE procedures for the level you are competing at/the medication you are taking.

All the resources and information that you need are available at:
GlobalDro: Database on which you can check whether your medication in permitted or prohibited (for products purchased in Canada, UK, USA or Japan) 
Eirpharm: Similar database to the above, for products purchased in the Republic of Ireland.
UKAD, Sport Ireland, or the national body which oversees antidoping in the country where you are.
WADA, the world anti-doping agency

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